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it was beautiful! not only the game but the story. im not a religious person, in fact, dont believe in god but the way you put verses from the bible in was amazing. the characters were good, the gameplay was smooth, and the enemys were difficult. over all a extremely good game. one problem, when you are the fighter with the homing shot, when you fight a pentagon the shots swarm the middle where the exp points come out and not the sides where you have to shoot. its not a huge deal but it got me killed more than once. but other than that i cant find ANYTHING wrong with it. please make more stuff like this.

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what is the person saying in Russian. propaganda?

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TheGameHomepage responds:

If you buy a Lada in the next 6 months and invest all your money in gas and vodka ..don't blame me.


great game, its fun, easy, etc. i was even able to let my little brother play and he had fun. the collision detection is a little off. you dont have to touch them to gather them sometimes. almost like they had a aura and thats all you had to touch, but other than that it was a good game. whoever says it has bad graphics is stupid they arnt bad they are to fit the feeling of the game.

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Chaz responds:

I'm glad you and your bro enjoyed it, thanks for the sensible review and awesome score! :)

helpful yet anoying glitch

if you time it right and exactly when a enemy jumps off a edge and you shoot there foot they die. you might want to look into this. if not then for everyone who plays use a gun with low recoil and go wild =]

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1 question

when your torching them with the flam thrower and they are already o fire, dose it do damage

im glad to see that people actually read the authors comments (to zestyzander)

beat his ass

in the 1st round!! tom is awesome thats why its only 9 but its 9 also because its a good game!


i was so exited to see his in the side colum and i freaked when i did. i loved the firstone and the second is as good or better.


i was justwondering, how do you get keys? i got four now i cant get anymore

too much fun!!

i love this game. one of the best tower defence game i have played in a long time.
a cople things.
1: needs to ether have it a little easier to make money or make stuff less expencive
2: you need 2-3 more enemy types
3: earn exp. a little easier


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awesome game

if you cant play press pop up

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